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Gifts For Spa Lovers and the Outdoors Obsessed - The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1

If only holiday gift giving were as easy as it is to buy things for yourself. Never fear – we’re here to help make it easier in our 3-part holiday gift guide. 

Clyde 🐾🐾 and I have put our heads (and paws) together and curated the best gifts made from Mother Nature’s suds for even the most picky discerning people on your list. 

This week we’re bringing you the best gift ideas for the spa and self-care lover in your life, as well as that outdoors enthusiast who’s always off trekking somewhere in a tent.

And be sure to come back next week and the following week for our other guides, with gift ideas for the Hard-to-Gift-For, Chronically Stressed and the Hostess and Homebody.

The Spa Lover 

You know that person who won’t book a hotel unless the room has a bathtub to soak in? Or that friend who just adores a massage?

Well, give them or any spa lover in your life the gift of re-creating a spa-like experience right in the comfort of their home.

Palo Santo Candle

And what better way to do that than with our new Palo Santo Candle? The number one thing we hear about this candle?

“It smells just like a high-end spa.”   

Bath Salts

Why not soothe their sore muscles and soften their skin? Our best-selling Cedar Geranium Bath Salts are just the ticket, AND they smell amazing, too!  With a blend of Pacific, Pink and Dead Sea Salts sprinkled with rose petals, they’ll be blissing out in no time.  

Unsure if they’ll like Cedar Geranium? You can’t go wrong with the classic, sure-bet -  Lavender Bath Salts, guaranteed to give them a truly relaxing bath experience. Choose from the already gift-packaged glass vial with cork closure or 10 oz kraft bag for the serious bath lover.

Lavender Hydrosol Spray

Our locally + organically grown and distilled  Lavender Hydrosol Spray will transform your friend’s home into the spa experience they crave. Incredibly versatile, its uses and benefits are almost endless:

  • Use as a room spray, pillow + linen spray to help lull even the most stressful friend to sleep
  • Pat on skin for a relaxing facial toner,
  • Spray on the body and bring both calming aromas and hydration.
Hydrosol Spray

Mini Soap Gift Set

Finally, our Mini Soap Gift Set is sure to please even the most discerning spa-lover on your list. Featuring our three best-selling soaps in mini form: French Lavender, Orange Mint and Wildflower Honey, each set of mini soaps comes packaged and ready for easy gifting inside of a decorative box. 

The Outdoorsy Friend 

What on earth to get the person who’d rather be outside wandering in nature than cooped up indoors any day of the week? The one who – if asked –  always answers “I don’t need anything!”?  

Well, never fear, my friend! We’ve got you.

Bug-Off Lotion Spray

A must-have for every outdoor aficionado, our Bug-Off lotion spray protects your nature-loving person  from those pesky mosquitoes. With a blend of 6 different essential oils that repel bugs naturally and a base of coconut & sweet almond oils, they'll not only be bug-free but dry-skin free, too! And back to focusing on more important matters… like taking in the views.

Bug Off Lotion Spray

Itch Relief Roller Bottle

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the great outdoors, you know it’s full of stuff that can irritate your skin, or worse, cause it to break out in a rash. What if your friend  forgets (gasp!) to put on their Bug-Off spray and gets bitten? Enter our Itch Relief Roller Bottle to the rescue! With a powerful blend of 6 essential oils, it almost instantly relieves the itch so your friend can get back to more important things … like conquering the next hill on their hike.

Soap Saver Sack

Looking for a unique, useful gift someone  will love to use on camping trips? Our Soap Saver Sack is not only beautiful but incredibly tough and practical, too. They’ll love how versatile this little sack is as they’ll fill it with small bits of soap to wash their hands and bathe with while camping.  Later in the day they can switch out the soap with our solid dishwashing soap (see below!) to scrub away the dirt on that day’s dishes. The sack holds the soap AND doubles as a scrubby sponge, saving valuable space and weight while camping.

Solid Dishwashing Soap

And speaking of washing dishes … give your friend the sustainable gift of our 100% biodegradable, safe-to-use outdoors solid dishwashing soap bar. Available as a set with a scrub brush and dish or individual bars.

Dishwashing Soap Bar

Zen Relief Salve

What is one thing all outdoor aficionados have in common? (Aside from their love of the outdoors, that is!) Sore muscles.  Ease your friend’s aches and pains with our Zen Relief Salve.  Not only will they love that it’s  hand-crafted with wild foraged Alaskan fireweed and Californian yarrow, plantain & dandelion plants,  but they’ll love even more how effective it is in easing the aches and pains after a long day on the trails.

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